The Biggest Problem to Having Everything You Have Ever Wanted…

by Benjamin Jenks on November 8th, 2009
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“Wherever your path takes you, may all your deathbed wishes come true, and may you celebrate each and every one of them many long years before your final breath.” – Gay Hendricks







Flowers: The Language of Love.

Flowers: The Language of Love.






You won’t let yourself!!!

Gay Hendricks, former professor at the University of Colorado and the founder of the Hendricks Institute, helps people have everything they want.  I read an article, The Next Big Leap, by him in the magazine, Natural Awakenings.  He outlines that different zones successful people operate in and how you can have everything you desire.

3 Zones of Operation

1.  Zone of Competence

2.  Zone of Excellence

3.  Zone of Genuis

Most of us get stuck in the Zone of Excellence.  Why?

“The Upper Limit Problem”

Gay explains, what he calls “the Upper Limit Problem.”  As youngsters, we unconciously set an “inner thermostat” for ourselves as to how much happiness we can have.  So, when things start going really, really well, we get uncomfortable.  We are unsettled and we manifest things into our lives to bring us back to our comfortable mode.  

I Deserve to Be Wealthy!

Currently, I am working on accepting the idea that I am going to be financially abundant.  Yes, Rich!  I am going to be able to have anything I want and travel anywhere I want.  Now, when I say this, instant feelings of guilt flow in.  I grew up from modest upbringings with ideas that money was very hard to earn, it required a lot of sacrifice and toil, and that there is something wrong with being wealthy and shameful to admit that as a goal.  

After reading and studying, I currently believe that I deserve to be financially abundant and in doing so it actually helps others do so as well.

“Whomever is happy will make others happy too.” – Mark Twain

But, I can feel my internal resistance to this idea.

4 Questions to Catapult to Genuis Zone

You can overcome this though.  Gay offers a few questions to “serve as your personal launching pad” to rocket into the Zone of Genuis and your rightful spot in having all you desire.

1.  What do I most love to do?

2.  What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?

3.  In my work, what produces the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to the amount of time spent?

4.  What is my unique ability?

There is enough for everyone to have everything they desire.  In fact, the more you create the Life you desire, the more it helps others do the same.  

What are your thoughts?

Create Our World.


“I allow myself to express my truth.” – Gay & Katie Hendricks



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