Learn the Art of Making Money: 5 ‘Gurus’ Give Advice

by Benjamin Jenks on March 22nd, 2011
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I want to learn the art of making money.

No… I have to learn the art of making money, a typical job is NOT going to do it for me.

For the past 9 months, I have been holed up in my little room (well, I go out now and again for coffee or stretch out my thumb at passing cars just to keep him limber) researching how I can make a LOT of money doing what I love to do and helping the world as I do it.

Every day I get a little closer and in all my hundreds of hours of research, I have learned a lot.  However, I haven’t learned as much as the dudes below, who will each share a piece of advice.

They might object to the term, guru, but it is a fact that they are making some bank, helping others, doing what they love, and changing the world as they do. They are straight rockin’ it.

I asked each of them a question through email about how to get started learning the art of making money and here is what they said (I asked a few others too, like Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, and Donald Trump, but they never responded).

Thanks to Daniel Borman for use of his image

5 Pieces of Advice: Learning the Art of Making Money

1. “Delight one customer. Repeat.”  - Seth Godin

According to Seth’s bio, he has written 13 books that have each been a bestseller. American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Best Marketer,” although he writes about numerous topics, including leadership, the way ideas are spread, and mostly, changing everything.

2. “Do Shit. Keep Doing Shit. Keep learning. :) – Karol Gajda

Karol believes in radical honesty, eats only vegan food, and is an atheist. He is an entrepreneur and has written some e-books, most notably, “The American Dream is Dead” and “How to Live Anywhere.” He blogs at RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com.

3. “Answer this question: ‘What specific, emotional problem am I solving for my readers/customers/clients?’” -Adam Baker

The tagline of his blog is, “Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.” Enough said. Find him at ManvsDebt.com.

4. “I think the most important thing is… how you can help people with what you love. In other words, you have to focus more on other people and how you can meet their needs.” -Chris Guillebeau

Chris blogs at The Art of Non-Conformity and writes about challenging authority, travel, and changing the world. He has visited more than 150 countries and plans to see them all by the time he is 35 years old.

5. “Above all, focus on solving the need or satisfying the desire of your potential customer. If you legitimately and demonstrably can address that need or desire, making your first sale will merely require making an offer.” -Corbett Barr

Corbet writes about “Working Online, Living Anywhere, and Being Awesome” on his blog.  I also just signed up to his online course, called “Traffic School,” which is all about driving traffic to your website. I’m loving it so far.

Do you have a piece of advice for others on how to make money?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the readers in the comments.

Rock the world,


Ps. I want to be a gazillionaire and I will explain why in my next post. Maybe you do to and you don’t even realize it?  AND Thanks for sharing the post with your friends by clicking the Share button right below.


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