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303 Miles with Megan.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Meet my new friend, Megan. She went way out of her way to lend my a hand.

“It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” – Wayne Dyer

Meet Megan.

Megan picked me up from a Gulf station near Framingham, Massachusetts.  Officer Dave had graciously offered to give me a ride here, after Officer Meredith had decided that it was illegal to hitchhike in Massachusetts.


Officer Dave gives me a ride to a gas station outside Framingham

 Remember Joe.

Thankfully for me, Megan had offered to drive the 2 hours from her home in New Haven, Connecticut to come scoop me up from the unwelcoming roads of Mass.  I met Megan through her father, Joe.  

You may remember him.  Joe befriended me in Grand Haven, Michigan and I wrote a post, One Makes a Difference, about him and his family.  

Well, Megan had recently moved to Connecticut on a journey of her own.  We had been in contact and she wanted to help me out.


Wandering New Haven with Megan.

No Gluten Allowed.

Megan has an interesting story.  The lining in her stomach has an extreme distaste for any proteins found in wheat, especially gluten.  Celiac Disease is the technical term.  Megan battled sickness and cancer for most of her younger years.  Once the doctors caught on that it was her picky stomach lining, a change of diet helped her heal.  

Health Care Reform.

Megan is passionate about improving health care in less developed nations.  Megan tells a story of a recent trip to a Central American country, which slips my mind.  On the streets, a woman shows Megan her infant whom has an exposed colon.  The infant had been kicked from the hospital.  

Megan currently works with the mentally ill in New Haven and is considering going to Physician’s Assistant School.  Megan lives with her aunt, Maureen.  

Kuchi Rolls.

Maureen takes Megan, Megan’s neighbor, and I out for sushi, that Megan deems the best sushi outside of Tokyo.  Gluten-free soy sauce comes with us in Megan’s purse.  Good sushi, but I didn’t try the wheat-less soy sauce.  Although, gluten-free bread is okay.  I have some for toast the next day, which Megan dubs as the best gluten-free bread around.  I can tell gluten was not allowed here.  


A chilly, wet day.

 Heading to The Office.

I am leaving for Scranton, PA the next day and Megan offers to take me.  It is a 3 hour drive.  I am very grateful, especially as we drive and see snow splattering the windshield and lounging in the trees in Pennsylvania.


Megan whips me in Texas Hold'em as we wait for our lunch.



Megan and I drove over 300 miles together and she drove double that to help me out.  I am again floored by another human’s want to lend a hand.  Thank you, Megan!

Do you have a story of someone going out of their way to help you?  Please share.

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