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What Would You Skip to Feed a Child?

Friday, February 26th, 2010

“Skip something. Feed a child.”

This post details a cause that I learned about at a recent speech I attended and was moved by their message.

What Would You Skip to Feed a Child?

Yesterday, I wrote about How to Be Indispensable.  This posts comes from a speech I attended by Seth Godin in Orange County, California.  But it was not the only interesting speech at the event.  I also learned about Skip 1, an organization that encourages you to skip something and donate that money to help feed a child in another country.

A tall, blonde woman told the crowd about why she started Skip 1.  She had been giving to a charity that gave food and water to a child in Africa for awhile.  One day, she wanted to go visit the child she was sponsoring.  So she dropped a few thousand and flew to Africa, then drove to the village where her child was.  She fell in love and realized how much her money was able to buy this child.  So she came home and started her own project, called Skip 1.  

What is Skip1?

Simple premise:  First, you skip something.  Like skip dessert after dinner once a week or skip getting your nails done once a month or skip double creamy latte once a week.  Then, you donate that money to charity and it goes to helping give food and water to a child in need.

Here is a video of people from the event proclaiming what they will skip, that you can get ideas from (I am one of the first people on here):

YouTube Preview Image

If you would like to Donate money and skip something, click here.  Please post what you skip in the comment section here too.  

I am skipping having a beer after a tough day of hitchhiking.  

What would you skip to feed a child?

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