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Leaving Michigan: Spreading Viruses.

Monday, August 31st, 2009

“Make something happen today, before you go home, before the end of the week, launch that idea, post that post, run that ad, call that customer.” – Seth Godin, from Seth Godin, the Father of Viral Marketing



I am leaving Michigan today!

Today, I am headed South on Route 23 leaving the great state of Michigan.  Bittersweet! I will miss my family, old friends whom I have reconnected with, and all the new friends I have made.  Every time I leave somewhere, I feel sad!  Ah!

I try to keep the Buddist philosophy of Impermanence in mind, as I feel the squishy pit in my stomach of leaving folks I now LOVE.

Everything is Born and Everything must Die.


Unleash Your Remarkableness!!!

Seth Godin, might be the most famous blogger ever.  I post his blogs sometimes on Create Our World’s Facebook Wall.  Well, about 8 years ago he released an e-book on the internet for free, Unleashing the Ideavirus.  Millions have read the book.  If you have never heard of Viral Marketing, you should click here now and read this now or save it to read later.  

This book is about more than marketing it is about power of an IDEA and how with current technology ANYONE can spread their IDEA.

This book is not just for business men and marketers, it is for everyone.  

After you read it, then read this article that the New Zealand Herald posted a couple days ago about Seth and Viral Marketing; Or read it now, but it might not make sense.

See you from the Road!!!

Create Our World.


“Go the edge – that edge you’ve been holding back from… and do it today…” – Seth Godin